Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When you’ve spent so much time so close to the edge that you forget how close you are, that the precipice almost feels normal, it really takes nothing to push you over.  A gust of wind, the wrong step, a moment of distraction.  But you don’t fall, you clutch to the outcroppings, your fingers bleeding with the effort.  And nobody helps you because they think you are rock climbing.  And you’ve forgotten how to cry out for help.  Or you curse your fingers for not being strong enough to pull you to relative safety.  Or you blame yourself for being so close to the edge.  But you don’t let go.  As effortless as that would be.  Something keeps you clinging.  A hint of a face, an aroma, a melody, a future. . .

Friday, July 29, 2011

25 Things I loved to do when I was little (*and still do)

1. Mix up random stuff from the cupboard
2. Make up plays for friends and family
3. Eat peanut butter on a spoon
4. Play pirates, runaway and schoolhouse
5. Play with GI Joes
6. Pick Flowers*
7. Climb trees
8. Read*
9. Write Poetry*
10. Play in the snow*
11. Sleep outside*
12. Help Dad with projects
13. Eat Pizza and watch movies on Friday nights*
14. Eat cold pizza and rewatch the movies on Saturday morning
15. Make dollhouses out of cardboard boxes
16. Design houses*
17. Sing outloud*
18. Watch Cartoons
19. Daydream*
20. Swim*
21. Cook*
22. Play with buttons
23. Eat hot dogs
24. Slumber Parties*
25. Collect bunny rabbits

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am alone on a lonely planet.  The night sky surrounds me.  Rays of light prick the shroud and beckon to me.  Desolate and afraid, I turn from them.  If only I would reach for them.  If only my soul would drink from them and see the beauty surrounding me.  I glimpse the beauty though the tiny holes and deem them unreachable.  My broken body falls to the dust of the lonely planet and the stars forget me.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The warm sun on my back, the cool grass under my toes.  Sweat dripping down my nose and onto the ground.  Dirty fingers, tendrils of hair tickling my cheeks.  My cat sprawled nearby.  Butterflies lazily floating among the multitude of colors.  A praying mantis leisurely crawling along a branch.  Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars slowly munching on my parsley.  Ants marching, marching, forever marching.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Shadowy images.  Flashes of memory.  Foggy, dreamlike, tendrils of thought.  My childhood memories are a mixture of half remembered events, imagined stories and dreams.  My dreams and fantasies and nightmares have always gotten tangled up in my reality.  Have I spent my life half asleep?  Smoky, shimmery, surreal, illusions.  Mirage, hazy, gray. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Storm

She lies on her back, staring at the universe.  Her long golden hair cascading onto the soft grass.  A curious ladybug crawls across her toes.  Slowly the clouds turn from white to pink to black.  The fireflies dance above her head, blinking to each other their wishes.  Their lights mingle with the stars and she is in the sky.  A large drop of warm water caresses her cheek.  The stars are gone.  Lighting flashes.  Thunder roars.  She feels the water in tiny rivers across her body.  Her hair clings to her naked shoulders.  The grass tickles her toes.  The lightning is far away.  The sky is clear and bright.  Her body is wet.  Her mind is clear.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Infinity Hymn

acrylics, cut paper, confetti, and photoshop

Friday, June 3, 2011

25 Things I’ve crossed off my Before-I-Die List (aka Bucket List)

1. Ride an elephant
2. Skydiving
3. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast
4. Skate in Rockefeller Center
5. Belly Dancing
6. Cherry Blossoms in DC
7. Go to Hawaii
8. Knitting
9. Peace Corps
10. Mentoring
11. Community Theatre
12. Start my own business
13. Become a vegetarian
14. See John Denver in Concert
15. Learn another language
16. Design my own website
17. Fall in Love
18. Own my own home
19. Own a ferret
20. Go on a long road trip with friends
21. Have my picture in the newspaper
22. Kiss underwater like in the movies
23. Party all night long and see the sunrise
24. Visit a foreign country
25. See the Berlin Wall

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Universe Is Made of Notes

This is a concept for a drawing that I had awile back.  Maybe I'll work on it over the next week or two!

Infinity Hymn
-Stuart Davis

Forget "Creation", forget "Big Bang"
and the chance mutations of Darwin's gang
the Universe is made of notes
that only exist in someone's throat

Half his life Mohammed heard
weird voices and wrote their words
it's also true but seldom said
this tune was always in his head

Wherever life appears
it's separated by light years
but no two points can be remote
once they have heard these notes

Every atom plays the hymn
every echo is from within
every eardrum makes a map
and it sounds like this when one hand claps

I've seen this with a prophets mind
I've seen the future of mankind
which is not hell, which is not bliss
but all I can say is it looks like this

Monday, May 30, 2011

Storyboard from AOL 25 for 25 Submission


More PowerPoint presentations from Tina

Ahh, technology!  I couldn't figure out how to embed the music into this post but here is the PowerPoint presentation I submitted to the AOL 25 for 25 contest last year.  This is the complete PowerPoint without music but it was only part of the overall submission.  When you view it in full screen mode you should be able to see the whole image.  Let me know what you think!!