Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hopeless? No, not really. If I were truly hopeless, I would give up. Let the water take me under. Release my fingers from the edge of the precipice. Sleep and sleep forever. But I don’t. There is always something to keep struggling for, even if it’s only a willow-the-wisp on the edge of my peripheral vision. A faint remembered smell that used to bring the glitter of inspiration to my eyes. A ghost of a song that used to make me dance. The feather-light caress of a lover’s hand. I clutch at them like the vestiges of a dream upon waking. I will NOT give up. Though my body throbs. Though my mind is spent. And my heart aches. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Dream Tree

I can see the tree. The vastness of it. The height. From the top, I knew I would be able to see forever. The breeze would tug at my hair, the sun warming my pale skin. The thrill of being so high would send shivers down my spine. Elation. Giddiness. Splendor. But I’m not in the tree. I’m not even preparing for the long climb. I’m not enjoying the sweet aroma of the apples or listening to the leaves rustling in the gentle wind. I’m treading water in the churning river beneath the tree. Whirlpools threatening to pull me under into the dark frigid water. The memory of the blissful view disappeared like the shriveling rotten fruit. The tree disappears. The shore disappears. All I see is water. Desperate and hopeless, I struggle to move my leaden limbs. 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Should I be crying more?  Less?  Is this the right time to laugh?  Should I be holding it together better?  Don't ever get angry.  Why can't I just be me?  The facade is cracking.  Like so much plaster in an ancient abandoned house.  A house full of memories.  Full of ghosts.  Full of the emotions I have internalized throughout the long years.  Why is it always my fault?  Why do I always screw it up.  The facade has cracked because the foundation is crumbling.  The walls which held everything I believed to be true.  The truth has begun to penetrate like rays of sun through the cracks in the fa├žade.  The welcome truths.  The harsh, unrelenting truths.  Pelting me.  Soothing me.  Shaking me to the core.  If I survive this earthquake, who will I be? 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

25 Things to do with an extra $25

1.  Colored pencils
2.  Paints
3.  Paper
4.  Glue
5.  Paintbrushes
6.  Portfolio
7.  Pens and Pencils
8.  Pastels
9.  Markers
10.  Drawing Templates
11.  Clay
12.  Yarn or Embroidery Floss
13. Gifts for Friends and Family
14.  Music
15.  Exotic Foods
16.  Books
17.  Movie tickets
18.  Specialty Coffee and Teas
19.  Magazines
20.  Pay it forward
21.  Tickets to a community playhouse or local band
22.  Plants
23.  Garden Tools
24.  A new Sketchbook
25.  Gourmet Chocolates

Friday, February 1, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Secret World

In this world, the place where dreams and songs and colors, aromas and movement, morph and change to things that cannot be, in this world, I am at home. The tie-died sky shifts with my laughter. The smell of purple dances to my unabashed music. The ebony notes cause lily-of-the-valley to bloom when they land in the charming grass. The bell flowers tinkling their own tune, radiating their heady fragrance. Strawberry leaves flutter and fall in the chocolate breeze. As the champagne bubbles fall from the sky, each one with a captive snoring star, I recognize the flower’s melody. It is the sound of the earth sighing. I twist and leap to the cotton sound. With no gravity to maintain my connection to reality, I float into the kaleidoscope sky, buoyant and dazzled.

Peek Family Reunion

Here is an Animoto video I created  from pictures I took while at the Peek family reunion last March.  Hope you enjoy!