Monday, January 28, 2013

Secret World

In this world, the place where dreams and songs and colors, aromas and movement, morph and change to things that cannot be, in this world, I am at home. The tie-died sky shifts with my laughter. The smell of purple dances to my unabashed music. The ebony notes cause lily-of-the-valley to bloom when they land in the charming grass. The bell flowers tinkling their own tune, radiating their heady fragrance. Strawberry leaves flutter and fall in the chocolate breeze. As the champagne bubbles fall from the sky, each one with a captive snoring star, I recognize the flower’s melody. It is the sound of the earth sighing. I twist and leap to the cotton sound. With no gravity to maintain my connection to reality, I float into the kaleidoscope sky, buoyant and dazzled.

Peek Family Reunion

Here is an Animoto video I created  from pictures I took while at the Peek family reunion last March.  Hope you enjoy!