Monday, March 9, 2009

Creative Awakenings: Art of Intention for March

Creative Awakenings Book and Website! Fabulous. So I'm going to do the year long Creative Awakenings plan. Creating an Art of Intention every month and putting it into my Book of Dreams. This is March's Art of Intention. My intention is to face my fear of failure when it comes to art. I have realized that I give up too easily when it comes to my creative endevours. The slightest negative comment, in my head or by someone else, throws me out of whack and I find it impossible to continue. So my intention is to fight for what I want. To not give up so easily. To continue to create. So on the first Monday of every month, or sometime soon thereafter, you can expect to see my Art of Intention posted here.


ITSmyBAGbaby said...

Inspiring! I love it that you can be so honest. I have the exact same problem as you, I am totally shut down by a negative comment. I hope I can someday be strong enough to face it like you are!

laughinghands said...

Good for you! ily