Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fruit Jellies

I was going to post a picture of the fabulous fruit jellies that I made for Solstice this year, but unfortunately, they didn't turn out. I'm not sure what went wong except that I used liquid pectin instead of powdered. I did some research online to figure out how much of the liquid I needed, but maybe there was technique differeneces too.

So instead, I'm going to post about a book from my childhood. A story I used to think was about me. A story I have read aloud and recorded to send to my new niece for her first Christmas.

My name is Katrina Christine which is similar enough to a child to be Christina Katerina. Christina liked all sorts of things but she especially liked boxes. All sorts of boxes. One day Christina's mother gets a brand new refrigerator and gives Christina the box. The story chronicles the fun that Christina and her sometime friend Fats Watson have with the box.

When I was growing up I used boxes to make everything. Doll houses, boats for the backyard, cars for my 'barbies', bunkers for my GI Joes, castles, clubhouses. And I had a sometimes friend Frank that lived just down the street. So of course the story was about me!

I've read the story aloud along with several other favorites from my childhood. I know that my sister's little one will have her own favorite stories but at least this way she'll get to know my voice even though I live so far away.

Happy Holidays!!

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christine said...

I'm sure Annabelle will love to hear your voice reading to her! I loved reading this story to you as a child! I often wondered if you thought this story was about you! Another question answered!