Friday, June 3, 2011

25 Things I’ve crossed off my Before-I-Die List (aka Bucket List)

1. Ride an elephant
2. Skydiving
3. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast
4. Skate in Rockefeller Center
5. Belly Dancing
6. Cherry Blossoms in DC
7. Go to Hawaii
8. Knitting
9. Peace Corps
10. Mentoring
11. Community Theatre
12. Start my own business
13. Become a vegetarian
14. See John Denver in Concert
15. Learn another language
16. Design my own website
17. Fall in Love
18. Own my own home
19. Own a ferret
20. Go on a long road trip with friends
21. Have my picture in the newspaper
22. Kiss underwater like in the movies
23. Party all night long and see the sunrise
24. Visit a foreign country
25. See the Berlin Wall


Christine said...

you have done so many of these things...
are they on your list because you want to do them again?

K.C. said...

No, these are the things that I've already crossed of my list.