Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Universe Is Made of Notes

This is a concept for a drawing that I had awile back.  Maybe I'll work on it over the next week or two!

Infinity Hymn
-Stuart Davis

Forget "Creation", forget "Big Bang"
and the chance mutations of Darwin's gang
the Universe is made of notes
that only exist in someone's throat

Half his life Mohammed heard
weird voices and wrote their words
it's also true but seldom said
this tune was always in his head

Wherever life appears
it's separated by light years
but no two points can be remote
once they have heard these notes

Every atom plays the hymn
every echo is from within
every eardrum makes a map
and it sounds like this when one hand claps

I've seen this with a prophets mind
I've seen the future of mankind
which is not hell, which is not bliss
but all I can say is it looks like this


Karen said...

That is an impressive list of things that you have crossed off (I love the pet ferret!) How many things were on that list?

I have yet to create a bucket list, but with a long stretch of road in front of me next week, I will be thinking about it.

Thanks for the inspiration!

K.C. said...

In September 2009 I posted 25 things I want to do before I die, but it is only a partial list, and growing or shrinking all the time, I suppose there are 100 or so right now. . .
P.S. Tia was my ferret and she was wonderful. I wish I had a really good picture of her, but she was ALWAYS on the move and hard to get a pic of! :D