Friday, July 29, 2011

25 Things I loved to do when I was little (*and still do)

1. Mix up random stuff from the cupboard
2. Make up plays for friends and family
3. Eat peanut butter on a spoon
4. Play pirates, runaway and schoolhouse
5. Play with GI Joes
6. Pick Flowers*
7. Climb trees
8. Read*
9. Write Poetry*
10. Play in the snow*
11. Sleep outside*
12. Help Dad with projects
13. Eat Pizza and watch movies on Friday nights*
14. Eat cold pizza and rewatch the movies on Saturday morning
15. Make dollhouses out of cardboard boxes
16. Design houses*
17. Sing outloud*
18. Watch Cartoons
19. Daydream*
20. Swim*
21. Cook*
22. Play with buttons
23. Eat hot dogs
24. Slumber Parties*
25. Collect bunny rabbits


Christine said...

what are the asterisks for?

K.C. said...

Those are the things I still love to do!